Alexander H Edwards


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t: 02 9151 2219
f: 02 9335 3500

Alexander H Edwards came to the Sydney bar in 2014 after working as a solicitor at a top-tier commercial firm and as a tipstaff to their Honours Campbell JA (in the Court of Appeal) and R A Hulme J (in the Common Law Division) in the New South Wales Supreme Court.

He maintains a diverse practice and accepts briefs in all areas.  He specialises in complex litigation in the NSW Supreme and Federal Courts and has extensive experience in the conduct of representative proceedings (class actions).  He has also appeared as an Acting Crown Prosecutor briefed by the NSW ODPP and is engaged in, and has provided advice to, not-for-profit organisations and community legal centres.  He has expertise in:

● representative proceedings;
● commercial litigation;
● public or administrative law;
● serious crime;
● equity and trusts; and
● Coronial proceedings

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Barrister: 2014

Solicitor: 2011

Areas of Practice:
Public/Administrative Law
Civil and Human Rights
Commercial Law
Contractual disputes
Representative proceedings (class actions)
Trade Practices and Competition

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