James Mack


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t: 02 9151 2222
e: jmack@level22.com.au

James accepts briefs in commercial and public law. In addition to this focus, James accepts briefs in a wide range of law including defamation and criminal law. He has appeared unled at first instance and on appeal in numerous courts and tribunals. He has also been briefed as junior counsel in a wide range of matters including in the High Court of Australia, the Federal Court and Supreme Court.

James has taught torts and contracts at the University of Sydney and was previously the Associate to the Chief Justice of the Northern Territory. He has also been involved with the development of the legal research platform BarNet JADE. James has a Bachelor of Laws (Honours Class I) from the University of Sydney.

James has particular expertise with certain areas of Commonwealth law including superannuation, consumer law, Fair Work, higher education and migration. James is briefed in numerous class actions and has expertise in securities class actions.

James also has an extensive advice practice and has advised a range of clients including litigation funders, liquidators, interest groups and statutory office holders.

James regularly presents on issues relating to technology in legal practice.

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Barrister: 2014

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