Alex Williams

Contact Details:
t: 02 9151 2226
f: 02 9335 3522

Alex is the Clerk to Level 22 Chambers and joined Chambers in October 2019. Alex started his clerking career in 2007 progressing from Junior Clerk, Junior Team Clerk and up to a Practice Managerial role having previously worked at two top Barristers’ Chambers in the UK. Alex recently moved to Australia and has gained experience in the Australian legal industry working at an International law firm and two other sets of Chambers.

Alex has developed a vast amount of knowledge and provides a modern approach to clerking. Alex is responsible for the day to day management providing information as to fees for barristers, availability and practice areas. Alex works with the members of level 22 Chambers as part of a team assisting with any aspect of Chambers’ procedure in an effort to accommodate individiual requirements and the best possible client service.  

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Alex is a member of the New South Wales Barristers’ Clerks Association and a member of the New South Wales Bar Association.

If you have any queries relating to any aspect of Chambers’ business, or a member of Chambers, please contact Alex Williams.



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