Erin Mc Cabe

Contact Details:
t: 02 9151 2226
f: 02 9335 3522

Erin Mc Cabe is the Clerk to Level 22 Chambers.

Erin is responsible for the general management of the floor including dealing with all practice issues in relation to Chambers.

Erin has extensive experience in management, being involved in project management and business development in a variety of different fields. She is the foundation Clerk for Level 22 Chambers and has been instrumental in the start up of the new floor.

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Erin will assist with enquiries regarding the Chambers generally as well as accepting instructions for barristers, arranging conferences, providing information as to current fees for barristers, availability and practice areas. If you have any questions in relation to the operation of Chambers generally, or as to any member of Chambers, please direct your enquiry to Erin Mc Cabe.

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