Level 22 Chambers accepts two readers a year, one in the May intake and another in the September intake. We limit the number of readers we accept to ensure that we can provide them with a welcoming and supportive readership experience and appropriate support from the Clerking Team and members.

This page sets out our expectations should you choose to apply and information you might need to determine whether Level 22 is the best place for you to commence your career at the Bar.

We are looking for suitably qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds. Our aim is to select the best and brightest candidates, regardless of gender, ethnic or cultural background. Like you, the paths of many barristers to membership of this floor are 'non-traditional'. Our floor is better for this diversity. Like the NSW Bar Association, we support the intention that leaders of the profession are visibly representative of the society we serve.

Readers at Level 22 Chambers will have access to the following:

  • the active support of the Clerk and our members in getting work;
  • free accommodation in the readership year;
  • formal and informal mentoring by the Clerk and senior members of the floor;
  • a welcoming and supportive floor that values the contribution of readers and junior members of the Bar

When can I apply?

Applications for readership at Level 22 Chambers should be made on or before the 1st of March (for the May intake) and on or before the 1st of July (for the September intake) Please see the variation in application dates due to COVID below.

Ideally an application should be received the year prior to the requested intake. Special consideration can be requested for applications outside of this time. Special consideration will be given for applicants whose applications are impacted by parental leave, significant illness and/or misadventure.

Our next opportunity to consider readership applications will be for the September 2022 and May 2023 intake. Applications for the September 2022 intake should be made on or before 1st of July 2021.

Who should I submit my application to?

Applications should be made by email to the Clerk of Chambers Ms Jackie Charles.

What documentation should be in my confidential application?

First and foremost, you need to write a covering letter which succinctly sets out why you want to read on level 22. Perhaps outline what motivated you to become a barrister.

We would also like you to provide us with an academic transcript, curriculum vitae, a statement regarding your areas of legal expertise and any other relevant information you wish to have considered. The names and contact details of at least two current referees, one that can speak to your practical legal experience and one that can address your suitability for the Bar. We will not contact your referees without obtaining your consent beforehand.

What happens after I submit an application?

You will contacted by the Clerk to inform you of your suitability for interview by the Readership Committee.

When are offers made?

Offers are made as soon as possible after interviews have been conducted and the Board of Chambers have considered the recommendation/s of the Readership Committee.

What facilities do readers have access to?

Readers on Level 22 are provided with a room, free of licence and floor fees, for one year. Once the readership year concludes the floor will endeavour to provide a small internal licence room. This will incur licence and floor fees.

Do readers need an on floor tutor?

Level 22 Chambers strongly encourage incoming readers to have one on floor tutor and an off floor tutor in another chambers. The Clerk can assist readers in determining who would be the best choice for their readership needs.